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Many dealers today are struggling to navigate the countless variations of showroom and F&I processes. Dealers ask: What is the right number of F&I Managers for the volume I'm selling? Can my Sales Team do F&I? When does the F&I process begin? How do I make it take less time to get a customer signed up and still sell product? What technologies do I need to be most efficient?

AMG has proven that we have answers to all of those questions. Our dealer clients will attest that we have helped evolve their showrooms to be efficient, transparent, and profitable.

As an Indy based firm, racing is in our DNA. Speed, precision, confidence, and the ability to adapt in a split second for success are the traits of top tier drivers you want to duplicate in your showroom. We know that the single element that separates elite performers is their intense focus, corner after corner, lap after lap.


That's what AMG adds to your operation: a consistent and intense focus on your variable ops, through your F&I Department. We monitor the performance of your F&I producers daily so they can be held accountable to the standards you expect. We follow your product performance daily to insure results and profits. We actively advise on key personnel decisions to help you be more certain you have the right people in the right place. 

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